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A point of difference

Launched in 2009, Red Candy started out as the world’s first ‘red only’ online retailer of design-led products for the home. Selling anything from clocks to colanders…as long as it was red. In the eight years since the company was launched, it has expanded to include more bright colours - but still no beige. The website now also boasts around 4,000 items across a variety of homeware. With ambitious plans for further growth, the company had to ensure they had a fulfilment partner they could rely on.

Fast tracked to the number one spot

Andrew Menzies explains how : “When I started out seven years ago I was just working from home. Because of the specific nature of our product base, being that everything was red we began jumping to the top of Google’s rankings for red clocks, red kitchen accessories, red anything really so the business was experiencing huge growth. Being such a small team, we had originally outsourced our fulfilment, but as time went on it was clear that our fulfilment partner wasn’t performing as we expected. We were spending the majority of our time managing them instead of them making our life easier. We had just completely lost faith in outsourcing fulfilment.”


Finding faith in fulfilment

Andy began looking for affordable third party logistics options on Google. Luckily, fulfilmentcrowd’s dedication to no contracts, no minimums and transparent pricing model provided great value for money. Andy continues: “Another essential was that whichever system we went for needed to integrate seamlessly with Magento. fulfilmentcrowd set up an API link so that their software updated all our information across every sales platform, so as soon as a product is sold on our website the stock on our Amazon and eBay shops decreased ensuring consistent stock levels. This level of precise integration was an absolute must for us and it has made our lives so much easier in terms of forecasting and order processing. The level of functionality the software provides is fantastic.”

“We’re really pleased that the business has continued to grow with fulfilmentcrowd. We can relax knowing our orders are looked after and it has enabled us to focus on what we do best - growing the business.” - Andy Menzies, Director

From strength to strength

The benefits of our order management platform wasn’t the only thing that enticed Red Candy. Andy notes: “I think one of the things that impressed me was that fulfilmentcrowd didn’t just provide fulfilment; the knowledge that third-party fulfilment companies unlocked also re-assured me.” Since working with fulfilmentcrowd, Red Candy have moved even further up the Google rankings; they are dispatching 100 orders a day, an increase from 25-30 before the partnership: “Obviously we were nervous to partner with another fulfilment company after our previous experience. I was preparing for the stress and hassle that in my mind were intrinsic to fulfilment. We’re a year and a half down the line and that still hasn’t happened. It’s been plain sailing.”

Looking to outsource your fulfilment?

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