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With the huge reveal of the iPhone 6 and the eagerly anticipated Apple Watch comes Apple Pay.

Apple Pay, simply put, removes the need to carry around credit and debit cards ensuring your details are never exposed by letting you purchase products from your phone. It ships with the iPhone6 and Apple Watch and is compatible with the iPhone5. To pay in store you simply hold the phone over the contactless reader (as you do with contactless cards now) whilst holding your finger on the touch ID and the built in NFC reader connects securely, and beeps with a small vibration to let you know the transaction is complete – you don’t even need to turn on the display!

It can also be used in apps (developers can build apps for Apple Pay using an API available from next month) and is all set up through your passbook, you can even set it up using your iSight!

Subway and McDonalds are a few of the names that will be the first to accept it which make sense as they already run NFC payments here in the UK.

Apple Pay is currently only available with American banks but Barclaycard is on the coming soon list.

It is expected to be huge in the US where credit and debit cards are less sophisticated than in the UK, where the use of chip-and-pin has simplified transactions. But with 40 million NFC bank cards already in use in the UK how will it fair over here? Watch this space.

by Jennifer McMillen on 11/09/2014

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