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Ask yourself are you able to meet customer demand?

Your multi-channel eCommerce business is set up, you’ve identified all the various marketplaces you want to trade in, from eBay to Amazon and beyond, acknowledging that they can contribute to 30% of on-line sales, and you’ve set up your on-line shop to do so.

You start promoting your eCommerce business via social media channels including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram, then introduce email marketing, communicating to your audience about your products, promotions and key attributes to encourage repeat purchases from you over your competitors.

One of the key messages you reinforce is informing the target audience that there are several ways they can purchase from you, whether direct from your website, eBay or Amazon, doing so on whatever device they choose, from smartphone to tablets, as you’ve ensured your website is responsive to offer the opportunity for targets to shop on the move.

Now depending on how much emphasis you’ve put on promoting your on-line business, if you’ve gone at it full steam ahead then before you know it orders start rolling in from all channels.

At first, handling orders is manageable and you’re able to keep track and meet customer demand. A few months down the line, you’re still getting a steady flow of orders BUT then brand awareness has kicked in, you’re receiving positive feedback, word of mouth has started and new targets really start buying into your brand. Customer retention rates have significantly increased and repeat purchases are now the norm with orders from all channels coming in thick and fast.

So ask yourself…..

Can you deal with the significant influx of orders, ensuring you can meet customer demand?
After all guaranteeing you can meet customer orders is key to driving successful performance, customer retention and sales growth.

If your answer is NO… you’re ready for sales order processing automation. Here are the top three benefits:

1. Collect all of your orders in one place with no more manual decision making

Order processing automation offers the means to manage sales and stock availability across all your channels, via one single platform, significantly cutting out many labour process and manual errors, and ultimately providing the cornerstone to keep track of all your orders.

2. Stay in control of returns and replacements

With returns an inevitable aspect, whether a bricks and mortar shop or eCommerce store, order processing automation will take the pain out of handling returns by providing the user with a simple interface ensuring they have all the information they could need at their fingertips.

3. Get a handle on outstanding orders

If you’ve gathered a back log of orders that your struggling to keep on top of, order processing automation provides stock control at your fingertips, allowing the decision making process to focus on those orders that are available to be dispatched, whilst items that have been ordered but are currently out of stock go to a ‘back order’ stage. Sales orders are then automatically moved to the ‘picking process’ once the item is back in stock, allowing you to manage all outstanding orders smoothly.

It’s important to acknowledge that when selling via market places like Amazon and eBay, it offers the opportunity for customers who have purchased from you to leave feedback and rate you based on a variety of factors. Building up a positive feedback repertoire will be valuable in the decision making process for other consumers to feel confident in purchasing from you.

The feedback you accumulate will act as the pull factor to bring in those extra sales and accelerate the brand.

Not being able to manage customer orders will contribute to a negative impact on your business, and with your competitors only a click away they can take advantage of what you weren’t able to offer.

Order processing automation will contribute to improving your overall business performance. So whatever channel you’re selling via, make it your goal to meet customer demand. After all your customers are Number 1 and customer satisfaction is key!

Remember, no one can predict how fast your business will grow, but make sure you are ready when it does. Find out how Exact Abacus 3EX.NET order processing software can be beneficial to your business, ensuring you meet customer demand and build customer retention rates.

by Tanya Wasiuta on 11/05/2015

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