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If you’re retailing Halloween-themed goods via the web this year then our handy guide, alongside a little help from long-term client and Fulfilment Network Partner Festive Lights, will get you on track to increase customer engagement and maximise sales. With a wealth of shared experience in the eCommerce landscape, the following blog provides some food for thought in order to make the Halloween season a success for your company.

Respect the classics

If you’re a drop seller, form an understanding of what Halloween products consistently make the classic top-sellers list and pre-order these from your supplier months in advance. This means that, despite the huge surge in demand the first fortnight of Halloween, you will never suffer inventory shortages. This great tip applies for online retailers operating across a wide range of sectors this Halloween- from alcoholic drinks and trick-or-treat chocolates to the most popular re-occurring Halloween costumes, know your industry and be prepared.

Provide variety

The ever-rising popularity of Halloween in the UK (a record £320 million was spent on the holiday by Brits last year) means that retailing a pumpkin-carving tool set and some fake cobwebs no longer cuts the mustard in Halloween retail.

 To get the most out of each website visit and maximise your average basket price, offer a fulfilling user experience with a vast yet easy-to-navigate product listing. Even though we know it’s coming every year, recent studies show that 29% of Brits still make last minute impulse-buys of Halloween goodies. Therefore, having a clear, categorised product layout on your site is the perfect remedy for buying on a whim while ensuring your customers don’t miss a thing. Consumers value time savings and will remember your site for providing a quick, unexpected solution.  

Long-term client and Fulfilment Network Partner, Festive Lights offer everything from zombie animatronics to window projectors for those who go all out for the scary season. They then reserve a designated filter for products ‘Under £10’ for customers opting for a more understated style, mostly featuring what they know best- fairy lights.

Engage with the excitement

You’ll stand out from your competition far more if you publicly express passion and enthusiasm towards the products you’re selling- in turn, maximising your sales figures. To encourage others to get on side with the Halloween season, why not host a costume competition? Everyone loves a freebie, so you’d be surprised how many customers (new and old) are more than likely to get involved with the sharing and liking necessary to win an e-voucher for your site. Be it £50 or £100, the higher the better, and the resulting brand awareness circulated via social channels will more than compensate for the expense.

Further to this, make yourself known to consumers of your product type by engaging with them online. You can do this by searching and responding to any tweets that mention your sector or specific products you carry, or better yet, coin a brand-specific hashtag to track your online community and strengthen your company image. Client Festive Lights are constantly active on Twitter, engaging with any tweets relating to their genre of products.

by Liz Churm on 08/10/2018

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