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Vivid Biology is the culmination of science, art and fashion. A start-up from Devon, two scientists-turned-businesswomen found their niche by creating informative yet eye-catching graphic designs and transforming these into wall prints, technical figures and clothing for Biology lovers.

New-starters in the world of eCommerce, Vivid Biology were first attracted to the flexible, no-strings approach to order fulfilment here at fulfilmentcrowd. Offering flexible storage solutions, no contracts or minimums, the co-founders of Vivid Biology felt encouraged to grow while keeping their overheads under control and in keeping with their sales volume. It was also our simple, easy onboarding and pricing structure involving our universal best rates that sealed the deal with fulfilmentcrowd.

Selling their products on Etsy as well as their own Shopify-powered site, our onboarding team set to work integrating Vivid Biology’s physical stock with their online channels. Going live from our Grimsby-based fulfilment centre, Europarc, this month, our software automatically pulls placed orders and transfers them into the picking queue in near real-time. Updating Vivid Biology on the status of each product among other supply chain management tools, the co-founders of the business can now maintain total control while freeing up the time to focus on new designs.

by Liz Churm on 23/01/2019

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