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Part 2, focuses on gaining control of your back office process that are fundamental for the growth of your business, having already delved in to marketing automation.Lets crack on and find out what automating your back-office means and how….

What does this term actually mean, and what exactly can you do with it?

Simply put, the overall processes that are essential to the running of your on-line business. This can involve everything from sales and order processing to supply chain, stock management and so much more.

Maintaining efficient control over these back office processes is essential in ensuring the smooth running of your business, guaranteeing you have the stock to meet customer orders, and that your able to fulfil orders quickly so that your safe guarding customer satisfaction.

The main priority of automating your back office processes is to ensure that whilst you’re able to concentrate on growing your business all the integral operations are cleverly taken care off by a robust piece of software (Sorry, not robots like Wall-E or Short Circuit) that is designed to take control and manage all the back office operations that need daily attention and management.

Now with a whole host of companies all vying to grab the attention of on-line business owners looking to automate their back office operations, it’s safe to say that competition is fierce. How an entrepreneur chooses a piece of software to automate their operations will be based on a whole host of features. The majority may be based on price, the functionality, and if it can be tailored to their business needs, after all each will require something different.

It’s unlikely that a start-up for example will need will need an extensive range of features, whereas a more established business will look for software that they can tailor to their specific needs and customise with growth.

“Any back office system worth its salt will provide a suite of features that can be added over time to mirror business needs and growth”

The benefits of back office software

Reduce costs and minimise human error; increasing efficiency by automating your back office processes.

Manual tasks take time and require significant resources to manage the processes, often resulting in mistakes. After all, we’re only human! With automation at the helm you are reducing the number of tasks individuals are involved with, freeing up numerous hours that could be better spent on analysis, sales, marketing et el, so that you can effectively compete with your competitors.

Reduce turnaround times

Workflow automation allows companies to define and streamline their business processes. If your business is experiencing rapid growth and you happen to be undertaking multi-channel selling, GREAT!…but are you able to efficiently pick, pack and dispatch; ensuring that your orders are fulfilled on time, given the estimated delivery time you stated. Fulfilment is the last step to guarantee customer satisfaction, so don’t let your business trip up and risk losing longer term sales.

In a time when the environment is competitive and companies are all vying for customers, maintaining a well-balanced back office system will help take control of the daily running of your business, coordinating the tasks that help you manage operations. So you’ll have the time to take on more of the high value jobs you enjoy doing, meaning you don’t have to make sacrifices as an entrepreneur.

Final Thoughts

So, whether you’re a start-up, SME or a multi-million pound business and you think it’s time to start automating, then it’s time to take control and choose a plan to suit you and your needs.
Therefore if you think automation is what your business needs then why not start your FREE trial with our very own 3EX.NET Software and see how our it can help manage your back office process so that you can give you business the best possible chance to succeed.

Once you try you won’t look back.

by Tanya Wasiuta on 21/07/2015

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