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Businesses and individuals have always used Instagram as a successful visual advertising channel to build their brand and create awareness, but now it’s branching out with its latest feature – Instagram Shopping!

This brilliant new addition, Instagram shopping tags is ideal for all you shopaholics and business savvy social users out there.

The shopping tag feature allows individuals to identify the products in ads, by simply tapping a button to see the products details. If you’re keen on a specific product simply tap again to view price, product description and a link to that product on the website store.


It’s seems to us that Instagram are constantly striving to update and integrate their social network, whilst the rest lag behind.

Currently this feature works for certain iOS viewers in the US, but soon videos and other countries will follow. Eventually another cool feature will be added, being able to save the product you see!

How will this benefit your business?

This feature could be hugely beneficial for all types of businesses, small or big time. Allowing the opportunity for individuals to make an instant purchase, after all it is well known that people engage more with visual content, “40% of people respond better to visual images then text, presenting a huge opportunity to improve your sales”.

Check out the video below to see how Instagram Shopping works in more detail.




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by Gemma Tomlinson on 03/11/2016

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