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From our technology to our infrastructure, a lot of the most central elements behind delivering a beautifully packaged item on time are developed behind the scenes. Our programmers are a hard-working team, responsible for giving us our well-earned reputation for the research, development and subsequent innovation behind our software systems. It is our programmers that fulfil our promise to provide crucial technological advancements for your lifetime with us.

Down to the nitty-gritty

Paul Hicks leads our team of programming experts, who are responsible for implementing specific developments for existing clients subscribed to our software package. Life as a fulfilmentcrowd programmer consists of a menagerie of different tasks, working through a seven-day sprint process. Of course, making continual developments to our software ensures that all our customers are receiving the best version of our order fulfilment platform. Our programmers’ duties therefore also extend to the upkeep and management of our own warehouse systems. This includes the software behind our hand-held devices, a platform that eradicates the need for paper within the warehouse environment, while providing real-time accuracy with every stock movement and increasing productivity by 30%. Constantly developing the software behind our hand-held devices, our programmers support the rapid turnaround required to sustain our same-day shipping service. This ensures that the customers of our clients opting for our in-house fulfilment services receive the best possible delivery experience.

As well as working to support our in-house warehouse systems, our fulfilmentcrowd programmers also communicate closely with our consultants and customer support departments. Receiving support and change requests, they work their magic before sending it back for client review. Alongside this, our programmers cooperate with our Web Design team, fulfilling our extended service of website development for certain clients.

A strategic approach

Collaboration is key for our programmers. They ensure that all hands are on deck with each and every request - multiple team members typically work on the same problem to eliminate the smallest chance of error. Our programmers use our own software to organise their workload, with urgent support tasks being flagged to best prioritise and ensure optimum speed of delivery.

What do our Programmers think?

We spoke with Paul about the best bits of his role as a programmer, and he explained that his favourite part of a sprint is getting his teeth into a new task. He also loves the fact that, thanks to our wide range of different fulfilment services, there is plenty of variety for Paul and his team to work on. Due to the flexible, bespoke capacities of our platform, the back-end of our software is programmed differently for each client, suiting the specific nature of their business. For our programmers, this means that no two weeks at fulfilmentcrowd are the same.  


by Liz Churm on 30/06/2018

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