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Our customer services advisors go that extra mile in our office. Beyond managing every incoming call to our office and warehouse, our advisors also represent the twenty-three brands that outsource their customer services through our unique fulfilment offering. Personifying the fulfilmentcrowd brand tone of voice among many others, the role of the fulfilmentcrowd customer advisor is essential for maintaining customer relationships across a range of eCommerce sectors.

The first port of call

The role of each fulfilmentcrowd department is diverse from the next. As our Customer Services are the primary filter for all incoming calls, this means that our advisors deal with a wide variety of different requests at the end of the phone. Most calls and emails are queries from existing fulfilmentcrowd clients, for which we have a set system of response. Raising support tickets through the same software system supplied to our clients, our advisors will assign tickets depending on the request, from simpler support tasks to more complex programming requirements. This filter process ensures that our client’s needs can be allocated to the correct department and met as soon as possible. Receiving calls from potential leads, our advisors also direct calls and process relevant information over to our Sales team immediately.

Organisation is key

Our customer services don’t just organise the workload of other departments- their role also encompasses a range of individual daily tasks. These include purchasing on behalf of clients, the investigation of problematic order placements or deliveries through our system and the verification of payment details for orders that have been ‘Held for Credit’. Daily, our advisors work closely with our fulfilment experts and consultants regarding all inquiries coming from current clients, as well as the warehouse regarding picking and packing inquiries.

Receiving training on brand tone of voice and the customer handling procedures specific to each client, our hard-working team of advisors also fulfil our customer services offering. A unique proposition in our market, our customer services currently represent about 1/5 of our client base, directly answering and resolving the queries of these clients’ end customers. Along with daily tasks, these clients are divided equally between each member of the team, working from a spreadsheet.

What do our Customer Advisors think?

With such a wide range of tasks, we asked Helen, our Customer Service Accountant, what she loves most about her role. She responded that she enjoys anything, and everything account related, be that arranging sales, payments or invoices.

Our customer advisor fulfilment offering is just one of the unique features that we provide, along our promise of universal pricing, service level guarantee and no contracts or minimums, to name a few. If you have a growing business and need to make the move to outsource your fulfilment requirements, contact us via our contact form or through our helpful cost calculator.

by Liz Churm on 20/08/2018

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