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The question is how important is your brand and how important is creating awareness?

Benefits of Branding:

• Encourages confidence via your brand ethos. What is your company policy? If a customer is not happy have you stated you’ll go to any lengths to rectify the problem i.e. full refund!
• Your Brand is your business promise: it encompasses your brand values.
• reflects the uniqueness or USP of your product or service
• Identification: Without a brand, customers will not be able to associate a product/service with your brand.

For all new businesses creating brand awareness is KEY, especially if you want to get your brand noticed and for your consumers to associate with your brand values as a solution to their problem.

The same dilemmas will often run around…as you ask yourself:
How will I get my brand noticed?
How will potential customers know about my brand values?
• You’ll need to deliver a strong marketing message
• Connect with your audience
• Motivate the buyer
How can you differentiate yourself from your competitors.
How will I get my consumers to know about my product or service?

Now, the only answer to solve these questions is by creating brand awareness. So how do you go about creating it? In a time when the world of advertising has expanded immensely over the decades and a whole host of marketing opportunities are at our feet, starting the process of creating that brand awareness and communicating your brand position and brand promise can be relatively straight forward once you know how to!

Building brand experiences is the one key area that will engage your potential consumers. Creating valuable content that will be the cornerstone to your communication is vital, but it needs to be the right message, at the right time, in the right place.

Brand recognition is key to putting yourself in the mind-set of consumers…so if your product is a range of beauty products then what will make a potential consumer think of you in the decision making process against more popular leading brands and over competing brands.

How can this be achieved:

Put simply, there is no rule book that states that ‘X, Y and Z’ are the exact channels you should be advertising and creating brand awareness.

A valuable platform to boost your brand awareness strategy is via social media. Social media provides a massive podium to letting potential customers know you exist. There are a number of ways that social media can be leveraged to help find and gain new customers and to firmly position your brand in the minds of consumers.

Once achieved can often lead to brand advocates, these are those that have purchased from you, and then tell their friends via word of mouth or through social media channels.
Customer loyalty is what drives revenue, and customer loyalty stems from brand recognition. So making your product visible is key to getting your brand noticed.

by Tanya Wasiuta on 23/11/2016

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