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Let the Social Media Top Tips continue

As highlighted in my previous blog, understanding how to best use the different forms of social media for eCommerce stores is great tool to have in your locker!

Twitter has taken the social media world by storm…so whether you’re tweeting, trending or targeting, Twitter is a great platform to connect with your audience so let’s crack on and delve into
my five top Twitter tips.

Tweet Tip 1

With only 140 characters to create your tweet, you know once it turns red you’ve reached your limit, however don’t see this as a negative. The limitations allows you be more concise and allows your Tweets to be straight to the point. The last thing you want to do is to bore potential new targets and disengage existing customers.

Remember Facebook allows you to be content driven so providing shorter snippets on Twitter can only be to your advantage.

Tweet Tip 2

It’s all about the #Hashtag
Twitter is a great platform to stay up to date on trending topics, and build an overall engaged audience. The key here is the #Hashtag which have become an integral part of social media especially for Twitter and Instagram.

Tweets with hashtags generate two times more engagement than tweets without them and are a great way to increase your social media traffic. For example, if I was to tweet about Exact Abacus, I would the use the hashtag #eCommerce to make the ‘#’ relevant to the business!

Tweets with #hashtags generate two times more engagement than tweets without them
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Tweet Tip 3

Don’t ignore your followers, Twitter offers a great opportunity for your followers to engage with you but make sure you’re also proactive by re-tweeting, and favourite tweets from your followers.

By not having a bricks and mortar store where customers can engage with you is by no means a downfall, you can use Twitter to communicate and engage in various forms; ask questions, ask about their favourite product in relation to your eCommerce store, and even use it as a customer service platform. The key is to build a rapport.

Tweet Tip 4

Find the right people to follow on Twitter. Follow competitors that are in the same industry as you, and check out their followers. Use the search box to automatically pick up those in the same field as you.

For example if I was selling cupcakes I would type ‘cupcakes’ in the search tool, and I will be given a list of Twitter accounts that fall into this category. From there I can build up my followers and following.

Engage in local networking business hours: i.e.. #northwesthour and #UKhour for example are just 2 key networking hours that occur in which I can create brand awareness for Exact Abacus.

Participate in these networks as they offer a great opportunity to get the word out there about your business, connect with other businesses and engage potential new audiences. One valuable aspect here is the #RT – always great for improving the reach of the post and spreading greater awareness.

Tweet Tip 5

Like anything it’s always handy to do a little research on your competitors, identifying what has worked for them in terms of engagement reflected via number of favourites and retweets their tweets have received.

You’ll pick up on their strengths and weaknesses from which you can build up your own strategy to build a successful Twitter campaign.

These top tips are a great starting point to achieve the most out of Twitter as another key social media channel, build this into your strategy and you’ll be on your way to tweeting yourself to the top!

by Tanya Wasiuta on 10/04/2015

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