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We all know how important imagery is in web. Trends based around huge background imagery like Falve or even large eye-catching videos like the recently redesigned brand Airbnb have been on the increase.

So where are all these beautiful images coming from? You could take your own but the costs of nipping over to Hawaii for that perfect beach shot gets a bit impractical and how good a photographer are you anyway? No, this is where stock photography comes in. Companies like iStock and Shutterstock save the day with millions of well taken (and definitely some not) stock photographs.

Alas these cost could once again add up so we have put together a list of our favourite free stock photography sites that are actually good; because we all know “A picture paints a thousand words.”



With a large collection of landscape and reportage photography they’re perfect for backgrounds



Categories like ‘food’, ‘technology’ and ‘people’ mean you can narrow down your search dramatically.


New Old Stock Photography

Run a vintage store and not up for rummaging in car boots for some genuine vintage snaps? This site is for you!


Death to the Stock Photo

Don’t want to trawl through sites to find good imagery? Then sign up to Death To The Stock Photo and get quality images sent to you monthly.



This site doesn’t hold 100% good quality photos (in our opinion) but it does have a brilliant search feature and an insanely vast amount of choice.



Photopin is similar to Pixabay. They’re not all great be you can easily find what you’re looking for!

Happy hunting!

by Jennifer McMillen on 23/07/2014

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