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There is no doubt that fulfilmentcrowd’s personal success story is down to the heritage of friendly, dedicated experts and close working relationships built with our clients. There is also no doubt that our team of consultants deserve huge credit for a generous part of this success. In the first of our ‘Introducing…’ blogs, we support our rebranding campaign by shedding some light on exactly how fulfilmentcrowd maximises our clients’ businesses through our custom software expertise.

Getting acquainted

Leading fulfilmentcrowd’s department of consultants is Joch Robinson. Receiving qualified leads from our Sales department, Joch get straight to it. Visiting our potential client for approximately three days, he outlines the system and among other things, irons down exactly how they want their supply chain, customer service and warehouse management to be customised. With this complete, the start of a close client relationship commences through the signing of contracts.

Our team of consultants are responsible for our custom software projects, rather than our inhouse fulfilment customers, so they spend a lot of time on clients' sites. Within our dedicated team of consultants, Ian, Brian and Paolo therefore spend the most contact time with clients - essentially, they are the helping hand guiding the implementation of our systems. Clients that have their own fulfilment centres are usually larger, well established businesses, and this process can therefore take from a few months to a year depending on the size of the project. This doesn’t faze our consultants though; they remain on site from two weeks to one month when our software goes live, providing workshops, staff training and professional advice. They are responsible for the initial smooth enrolment of our software and its integration with each business, from order processing and stock management, to packing and delivery. This is the most intense week for our consultants, and any changes or updates a client may require once our software launches are promptly acted upon.

How do Consultants work with the wider team?

Although great, our consultants aren’t the whole story. After a successful launch campaign, they return to fulfilmentcrowd HQ, working closely with our Customer Development Team, and undergoing a knowledge transfer on everything that is custom for our new client. Once completed, our now-established client is assigned an Account Manager, responding to all sorts of software queries and offering in-depth technical support whenever needed.

What do our Consultants think?

We asked Ian, one of our dedicated consultants, why he loves what he does - his response was two-fold. First was the overwhelming positive feedback from clients when they realise how much our platform allows them free time to focus on business growth strategies, and to take holidays - not to mention the dramatic increase in their dispatched order numbers and subsequent net growth.

Secondly, Ian loves the friendly atmosphere with which everyone at fulfilmentcrowd create with their clients and their colleagues - he praises the support that his head of department, Joch constantly gives him while on site.

If you are looking to grow your business sustainably with the support of an experienced team, and like what you read, contact us at  hello@fulfilmentcrowd.com or call 01772 455052.


by Liz Churm on 30/06/2018

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