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Our Customer Development Team (CDT) and Support team combine efforts to make sure that our crowd of existing clients are always happy. Experts at solving queries individually yet also great at liaising with wider departments to tackle any technical problem, our CDT and Support team have plenty of talent and know-how. Our ‘Introducing…’ blog aims to break down exactly how both teams work to maximise the functionality of our software platform, ensuring our customers’ needs are always met.

Finding a solution

Our customer support team receive any raised software issues from our Customer Services department, making them second in line within our organised query-handling process. Our support team get straight to work, working through a range of Support Jobs and Change Requests submitted to our system by our clients themselves. Operating from a database coded with assigned severity ratings, our team are sure to give any critical tickets their immediate attention. Any slight mishaps regarding a client’s experience with our eCommerce integration software, Fusion, are entirely addressed and resolved by our support team. Calibrating our customers' inventories and live orders from a range of popular platforms such as Shopify and Magento, Fusion integrates this information with our fulfilment software platform. Established within our expanding network of modern warehouses, our dedicated warehouse workforce can then pick, pack and dispatch our clients’ orders on their behalf. Any issues regarding the integration of our clients’ inventories are prioritised by our support team in order to maintain the smooth running of their online businesses while boosting the productivity of their order fulfilment.

How does our Support Team work with our wider departments?

As well as handling their own tasks, our support team assign more complex and time-consuming technical issues to other departments; change requests are designated to CDT while our Programmers get rid of any troublesome bugs. Once given an estimate, our support team then give our clients the heads up on when their query will be resolved. Our dedicated fulfilment experts and account managers are also on hand to offer our support team a more acute knowledge regarding their designated clients, divulging any relevant information regarding their requirements when needed.

Where does our Customer Development Team come into it?

Our CDT are a relatively new department. Developed off the back of dramatic growth of our client base, having our Customer Development Team ensures that there are always enough hands on deck to respond to our customer’s needs. Working in cycles of 10-day sprints, our CDT work on support jobs that require further investigation, such as change requests, new reports or the additional integrations of new eCommerce platforms. Scheduled by our fulfilmentcrowd account managers, our team address tasks prioritised by the severity of each client’s request, in a similar style to our support team.

How does our CDT work with our wider departments?

 As well as completing their own tasks, our CDT often assist our website design team, assisting with data tasks behind the building and development process, as well as the development of external email templates on behalf of our marketing team. Internal communications occur within regular scrum meetings, where each member of our sizeable team is given the opportunity to discuss individual tasks, share information and report any barriers.

Every day is a school day

With our CDT reserving specific times in the day to assist our Support team, both departments are intrinsic to the creation of a culture of learning and knowledge-sharing here at fulfilmentcrowd. Always eager to learn more about their craft, both teams are often in direct communication with our existing clients, contributing to the image of fulfilmentcrowd as helpful, dedicated and experienced fulfilment technology experts. If you’re a growing online retailer in desperate need of outsourcing your fulfilment, then look no further. We’re proud to offer tailored solutions, through our unique software platform that is customised to each client’s shifting needs as a business. To maximise the efficiency of your orders, get in touch via our contact form

by Liz Churm on 11/09/2018

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