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At fulfilmentcrowd, we hope the days of ‘Make, Use and Dispose’ are numbered. Consumption of earth’s limited resources is inexorably growing, so we must think differently. Excuse the pun, but our alternative is to develop a viable alternative - the circular economy, in which people would adopt a very different attitude to how they buy, use and recycle products.

For a parsimonious Northerner, the idea of keeping my things in use for as long as possible is easy! However, I must admit that beyond the bin or recycling bag, my interest comes to an end. That is the nub of the problem and we are engaging with our prospects and clients to work collaboratively on circular projects, where a product is created, sold, used, recovered and then regenerated…endlessly, with minimum residual waste.

Imagine that baggy tee with a hole on the armpit (usual spot for holes!). At present, it would be used to polish the car or, more commonly, idly tossed into landfill. But, if you had the option to send it away for regeneration into a new tee, you would be interested, right?

Thinking ‘circular’ can drive you crazy because all the assumptions that we take for granted need to be challenged. However, the conversation has started and we have a critical role to play in the smart, connectied and low-emission freight, home delivery and recovery of products.

Do you have an interesting circular project and need a progressive logistics partner with a strong commitment to sustainability? Please get in touch or explore our Lorax Project page to find out more about our sustainable goals and progress.

Discover our Lorax Project

by Liz Churm on 27/11/2019

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