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This time of year millions of people are looking for the perfect gifts for their loved ones. Are you doing all you can to make the most of it?

  • How competitive are your prices?

    It’s very common for consumers to compare prices, even if they’re in your physical store a quick Google search could have them out the door to a competitors in minutes. Try and at least be inline with your competition without harming your bottom line and if you must be higher add something else to the deal, whether it’s warranty, support and advice or even better customer service, just something that puts you ahead.

  • Run a Black Friday offer

    November the 28th or Black Friday as it’s known is an American phenomenon that has transferred across the pond. Black Friday offers aren’t a thing to be missed, especially as an online retailer. Keep in mind people expect big savings on Black Friday with many companies raising the standard retail price so as not to damage their bottom line when Black Friday comes and they discount their product by 50%. In a Wall Street Journal article one woman was even quoted saying ‘I don’t even get excited unless it’s at least a 40% discount’.

  • Send seasonal email campaigns

    Email marketing is still one of the biggest marketing tools around today with 44% of email recipients making at least one purchase last year based on a promotional email. This time of year well targeted email campaigns could significantly increase your sales with many of your recipients actively looking to spend.

    Why not send a ‘santa’s wish list’, ’10 top presents for him’ or ‘gifts under £20’ email to make them see your products as a gifting option. Great product photography especially in a festive setting will also help.



  • Provide shipping dates

    The closer it gets to Christmas the more people will become sceptical that they will receive their order in time for the big day. By providing shipping guarantees you can take a step ahead of your competitors as well as giving another excuse to promote your products with a sense of urgency with a ‘hurry! order today and get it before Christmas’ sales pitch.

  • Free shipping

    Following on from the previous point many consumers are put off purchases due to delivery costs By removing these (or catering for it in the product price) you create one less barrier from sight to purchase. This technique works so well that there is even a day named after it: freeshippingday.com. This takes place on December 18th which as you’d imagine is when consumer maybe skeptical about deliveries arriving on time.

  • Style up your homepage

    By simply styling your homepage with some simple Christmas hints you can create a festive feel that’s bound to lift the spirits and tigger your visitors to think about gifts once again.

  • Create a specific dropdown

    If you think people will be visiting your website looking for Christmas gifts why not make it easier for them with a specific menu item dedicated for Christmas with gift categories based on price, recipient and interests. Make sure they see it though by either highlighting the menu item or pushing a landing page in your websites header imagery.

Hopefully these tips will help give a boost to what is always a good season for retailers. Let us know if you’re implementing any of them and how well they do.

by Jennifer McMillen on 01/12/2014

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