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With each new year comes a host of new innovations; all of which are set to revolutionise the eCommerce industry, meet the changing needs of today's customer and secure a competitive advantage for online retailers. We've kept our ears to the ground to reveal the top five eCommerce trends for 2020. Simply scroll to hear them!

1. Consumers want sustainability

The rise of green consumerism shows no signs of slowing, and in response to this, we’ve noticed a steep increase in the number of sustainable online retailers to join the crowd. From biodegradable wash bags to metal reusable straws, our customers aren’t missing a trick and share our mission to create a greener future for eCommerce. 50% of online consumers say that environmental concerns shape their purchasing decisions, showing that sustainability could be the main difference between a purchase and an abandoned checkout. So, whether your brand operates on sustainable initiatives, your logistics solution incorporates recycled packaging and low emission delivery, or your products themselves aim to solve an environmental issue, make sure you’re shouting about it loud and proud on your site.


2. Voice shopping is on the rise

Consumer research shows that the percentage of purchases made by voice demand is set to increase to 55% by 2022. Online retailers are already ramping up their efforts to secure a straightforward, frictionless sales journey via the new medium of voice control, and a focus on site optimisation is specifically relevant for those retailers targeting consumers in the UK and North America, where voice shopping is most popular. The most purchased products via voice search tend to be lower value items, such as electronics accessories and homewares. Has your business adjusted to this trend?


3. Social media as a sales channel

Arguably the biggest trend of 2019, the importance of social media within eCommerce businesses also remains at an all-time high for 2020. Originally used for brand awareness and customer engagement, the purpose of a strong social media presence has now transformed to an additional stream of sales for online retailers. This is all down to the ease and convenience of sales features within social networks such as Facebook, Instagram and TikTok. Take a look at how our existing customer, Lily Rose London double up their organic Instagram content as an online advertising platform.


4. The growth of artificial intelligence

Global retailer spending on artificial intelligence is set to rise to over £5 billion by 2022, up from just £1.5 billion in 2018. Although an expensive investment, AI can be harnessed as an invaluable tool within online retail, used to understand customer behavior and upsell relevant services, products and deal before a site visitor even reaches check out. From automated marketing optimisation platforms to 24/7 chatbots, each and every application is adopted to improve the customer experience, reduce check-out friction and establish a competitive advantage- making this a trend well worth taking note of!


5. Personalised products are everywhere

A growing trend for personalised products is the next logical step within eCommerce, and when consumers report that they’re willing to pay a 20% premium for the privilege to put a personal stamp on their every day items, it’s a trend well worth investing in.
Luckily, third party fulfilment providers and suppliers have also caught onto this trend meaning that connecting your customers with their own beautifully-packaged, personalised products has never been easier. Here at fulfilmentcrowd, we successfully integrated product personalisation services for Dragons Den backed Dock & Bay! Take a look for yourself.

Make 2020 your best year yet!

By analysing and adopting just one of these 2020 eCommerce trends, you’ll be able to drive your brand forward and keep ahead of the competition. We know that sticking to a New Year's Resolution is hard enough and the reality for online retailers looks like a commitment to speedy delivery and a more positive customer experience. That's where we come in. 

To find more about how fulfilmentcrowd can take the stress away from order fulfilment and incubate the growth of your eCommerce business for 2020 and beyond, why not try our free cost calculator?

by Liz Churm on 21/01/2020

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