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Check out our how to giud to eCommerce blogging below:

wordpress blogging guide

Download your blogging guide

With many of our clients’ blogs hosted on WordPress we decided to create a how to guide to eCommerce blogging from idea conception to promotion. Although the guide is based on the WordPress platform, there is plenty of complementary information if your blog uses an alternative platform.

Companies that increase their blogging from 3-5x per month, to 6-8x per month almost double their leads. Growing your blog articles from 100 to 200 will likely generate a 59% increase on traffic. -Hubspot

Shopify recently posted that there are very few good eCommerce blogs out there, so we thought we’d set the wheels in motion to change the face of eCommerce blogging. This little guide will help you to choose what to write about in order to help your customers and conversions, and how to use your WordPress blog with a step-by-step guide.

The chart below shows the impact blogging can make to your website’s traffic simply by having more searchable pages on your site. Blogging is the perfect way to expand your onsite content, especially if your shop has limited products.

Hubspot website content impact

Shopify also pointed out that ‘content marketing’ brings in around the same amount of leads as PPC. The big difference is that it’s free! It also provides you with great social media content that will drive additional people to your site.

‘content marketing’ brings in around the same amount of leads as PPC
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One of our clients to master the art of blogging is Burble Baby. They stay on topic with their product range, whilst posting informative articles like Top tips for buying new baby gifts and What to expect in a pregnancy massage, as well as events and product releases.

Burble Baby Blog

Blogs are usually where your customers go to learn more about you as a company and to understand your brand values. If you are just trying to sell sell sell it’s likely that you are not providing anything valuable to your audience, and they’re likely to lose interest. Doing it right can increase brand loyalty and in return, repeat custom. So to get your end-to-end guide about how and what write, click the link below and get ready to blog away…

Download the guide

wordpress blogging guide

Download your blogging guide

by Jennifer McMillen on 22/12/2014

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