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More and more online retailers are joining the crowd and discovering that profitability and sustainability are not mutually exclusive. The damaging impacts of plastic waste, energy consumption and CO2 emissions are driving a major change in consumer behaviour and fulfilmentcrowd are meeting this challenge head-on.

We are working to deliver competitive advantage for clients with a strategy that promotes ‘sustainability by design’, incorporating use of renewable energy, biodegradable packaging and low or zero emission shipping into the fulfilment process. A number of forward-thinking eCommerce clients are now complementing fantastic, ethically-sourced products with a responsible and sustainable distribution model:

Sucker Straws

Sucker Straws are actively working to reduce the use of plastic waste in our oceans and landfill sites through their B2B business retailing reusable, metal straws, straw holders and cleaning brushers. With an active tally on number of straws saved, Sucker Straws urge all businesses in the hospitality industry to avoid being left behind, embarrass staff and lose customers with a range of starter packs in different sizes, tailoring to every scale of business.

Elephant Branded Products

The conscious efforts behind Elephant Branded Products are two-fold. Not only are their selection of rucksacks, wallets, and other accessories ethically made from locally sourced recycled materials. For every product bought, the brand pledge to donate one schoolbag and stationary to child that needs it in Africa or Asia, through the charitable organisations Education Africa, Cambodian Children’s Fund, and The Responsible Safari Co. The brand claim that although not necessary, their decision to donate provides consumers with ethical, stylish and sustainable products while contributing to a greater cause.

We’re proud to represent the order fulfilment and logistics of such innovative businesses with our award-winning order processing and supply-chain management technology. As we embark on our pledge to become the UK's first fully sustainable fulfilment provider, opting for renewable energy sources, low CO2 impact couriers and biodegradable packaging, to name a few, we can only look to our ever-increasing crowd of environmentally responsible customers for inspiration.

by Liz Churm on 01/04/2019

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