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Another year another trend

It’s hard to keep up. It’s safe to say there are already a host of hot design elements fulfilmentcrowd have observed across many websites so far this year. Most of these designs are a continuation and development from last year’s trends, but there are also some new dogs in town. For instance, “dark mode” will be huge and there is a massive push for 3D elements.

“Dark mode” design

Yes, it was mentioned above as a newbie for 2020- but what exactly is the dark mode?

A lot of apps now have a ‘Dark mode’ option and it seems like a lot of users opt for this style. It's easy to see why, with numerous benefits from hugely saving on battery life to helping stop dry, painful eyes from looking at a bright screen all day. Of course, It wasn’t going to take long for designers to notice, so it’s no surprise this has become a website trend for 2020.

What makes the design of “dark mode” so good? The dark interface is balanced with bright elements and simple, easy-to-read typography. Feeling mysterious and news, 'Dark mode' offers something truly different. It provides great opportunities for presenting photography, stats, and graphs, forcing the user to fixate on the element in question.

Check out some of fulfilmentcrowd's favorite examples below:

Metal & Gas take advantage of their dramatic dark photography combined with bold text that really pops of the page showing why their custom-made cars are the best.


Whilst our very own client Bear Grylls uses a vibrant orange for their call to actions and sale promotions, bursting them off the screen along with the dark background complementing their product photography. Check out the video below.

Breaking typography rules and overlapping layers

2020 has brought us a whole host of website designers breaking the traditional typography rules. We’ve only ever really seen this before in print, with designers like David Carson renowned for this style. However, now, breaking the typography rules seems to be a rapidly moving trend for website designs.

fulfilmentcrowd has continuously noticed quite a few typography rules being broken, through odd spacing, sizing, layers overlapping, line spacing, and breaks in the wrong places. Being rebellious and breaking the rules can make some interesting designs and UI for your site but don’t forget the most important thing: your users must be able to understand what you are saying.

Here are fulfilmentcrowd's favorites for this year:



Landing on Cromier just oozes style and would make anyone feel trendy, they’ve nailed overlapping their layers and using bold titles for their products.

Boundary Supply must have one of the most interesting product listing pages we’ve seen in a long time, with-off centered titles and overlapping layers. Even with all of this, the page still has a simplistic layout with the call to action clear and the content easy to read. Try checking out their entire product listing page for inspiration- their page is truly unique from top to bottom.

3D everything

Don’t worry! 3D everything doesn’t mean all your website users have to own and wear the funky 3D glasses, three-dimensional imagery adds great depth and realism to your site. This trend was becoming a big hitter at the end of last year and will only become bigger in 2020, so expect to see a lot more of it.

3D design within your website improves engagement through some really exciting product listing pages, gives your products a more life-like feel, and enhancing interest for the user on your site.

Some of fulfilmentcrowd’s favorites are shown below:

Rimowa’s site is futuristic and 3D from the home page through to the product listing. Each element on the product page is interactive, giving a full 360-degree 3D view and allowing product customization. Watch the video or visit the site to see more.

3D elements run through the entirety of Google’s website. To showcase their innovative products and all their exciting features, they use the 3D style.



Minimalist navigation

Thanks to wearable technology, devices are becoming smaller and smaller; Website designers now must think about mobile-first and even smaller within their designs. The area most impacted by this is site navigation. We have noticed navigations becoming simpler, stripped back, and more concise to respond to this shift in consumer technology. Minimalist navigation is all about usability- the less your user must think about moving around, the more time they spend engrossed in the site’s content.

This trend is a huge step for most people’s websites and might sound risky, but it actually makes a lot of sense. Most users come to your site through a search engine or a paid ad, less navigation creates a more direct path and greater control over a user’s site journey, allowing them to engage more with the design and your products.

There are so many websites that are now adopting this trend and with a wealth of different implementation styles, take a little look at fulfilmentcrowd’s favorites and why.



Mowellens has created condensed side navigation, this has allowed their site to be all about the product and imagery. They have used huge interactive striking photography throughout their site, keeping the user's journey exciting from start to finish.

Misela uses a full-screen navigation to hold the basic shop links, but from the screenshot, you can see they have defined your navigation options already using the main homepage imagery and call to action. This shows how you can create and influence the user’s journey, pointing them to ‘shop now' which for an eCommerce site is always the end game.

What do you do with all this information?

Trends come and go and yes, we should always keep our eye on the latest trends but does this mean that implementing every single one of these trends will create a competitive advantage?  No… it doesn’t.

Key takeaways from this article are to remember your brand, what you stand for, and the aim of your product for your consumer. Your website is your tool to reflect this! If there is a trend on the list you like the look of, what is the justification for implementing it and does it align with your brand? It can’t just be because you like it, there needs to be a benefit to your website users. Always think, does this design trend contribute to the usability of my customers? Their best experience of your brand should always be the goal.

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