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Pick and pack defined

In terms of fulfillment processes, what do we mean by pick and pack? Picking and packing are two of the most crucial steps in order fulfillment. Firstly, let's take a look at how we would define picking and packing.

Picking = the first step in order fulfillment involves pulling out your customers' orders from their designated picking location within the warehouse as soon as your customer checks out!

Packing = the process of packaging your order to your exact specification, as well as in keeping your your customers' expectations when they unbox their order from your eCommerce brand.

What do these processes look like in the grand scheme of the order fulfillment journey? Well, here is a little infographic that provides these details:

There are, of course, extra flourishes to picking and packing services that make these processes more streamlined. For instance, the implementation and use of high-powered technology, such as robotics, particularly within the packing stages of order fulfillment makes for an even quicker turn around of orders. 

Benefits of using a pick and pack service

  • Time: By using a pick and pack service from your fulfillment provider, this means that the logistical operators have total control which, in turn, allows for the whole fulfillment process to be totally streamlined and ensures that orders are delivered on time. 

  • Cost-effective:  Having your customers' orders picked and packed for you all within the same fulfillment process can be very cost-effective - in terms of having one fee that covers storage, pick, pack and dispatch.

Greater customer satisfaction: Through outsourcing your fulfillment needs via a fulfillment provider with excellent dispatch performance and carrier integration, this means that orders can be tracked in real time; straight from warehouse dispatch to your customer's door! Thus, improving your customer loyalty and retention.

picking-packing-fulfilment    packing-picking-fulfilment   

What are the pricing options?

The pricing options for pick and pack services do, indeed, vary depending on the fulfillment centre. Generic pick and pack fees cover the item being picked and packed ready to be shipped to your customers - and these fees can generally range from between £3 to £5 per item.

Alternatively, your fulfillment provider's pricing model may not be price per item, but rather price per unit instead for multi-item orders. So, that's how pricing can differ depending on the type of order made by customers.

However, be aware, some companies may also add on an additional fee onto smaller items! Typically, this pricing option tends to be a more pay-as-you-go offering, which may suit start-up companies very well.

What is our pick and pack process like?

The way our picking at fulfilmentcrowd works is, every operative is equipped with a mobile device and app that has been designed for simplicity and the rapid execution of tasks including pick, stock counts and dispatch. Within minutes of checkout, your customers' item/orders are presented to one of our warehouse operative's mobility app, ready for picking! Each item/order is then scanned at location, to ensure 100% accuracy.

In terms of packing, our fulfilmentcrowd app allows your exact packaging specifications to be automatically presented to our trained staff as soon as your order is picked and ready for packing! Creating an unforgettable unboxing experience is something we strive for constantly, which is why we offer free issue branded boxes and consumables for customer preparations. Are you striving to be more sustainable as an online brand; starting with your packaging? At fulfilmentcrowd, we offer a range of sustainable packaging options that allow you to reach your goals of becoming more eco-conscious.

Just to recap!

If you've got to the end of this blog then you should now have a better idea of what picking and packing actually is in terms of the fulfillment process - and equally, how important they each are. Hooray!

Now, if you like the sound of our picking and packing systems and wish to switch fulfillment providers to us at fulfilmentcrowd, then why not click the banner below to try our prices for pick and pack on for size.

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